Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Professional 6.0


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional will help you save time and increase productivity by enabling you to dictate naturally into your computer at up to 160 words per minute instead of keyboarding and fumbling with a mouse. Your dictation is immediately and accurately transcribed on the screen and in your document. You can use custom macro commands to insert boilerplate text, launch applications, fill out forms, and perform other complex tasks with a spoken word or phrase. You produce more work with less overhead, overtime, and stress.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is extraordinarily accurate. New BestMatchTM III and BestMatch Plus technologies improve recognition accuracy-already the best in the industry, according to over 100 major reviews worldwide.4 It comes with a total vocabulary of 250,000 terms (160,000 active). The Vocabulary BuilderTM feature analyzes your documents automatically to find and add new words, specialized terms, acronyms, and proper names. You can add new terms at any time, and even create multiple, new vocabularies for different subjects or interests.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is easy to integrate into your established routine. You can dictate into virtually any Windows® program. New wizards guide you through a fast training process in less than five minutes, so you can begin generating documents in a flash.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional includes many other advanced features that can save time and effort. Dictation Playback enables you to hear what you said in your own voice to facilitate editing. Text-to-Speech reads e-mail messages and other documents aloud. NaturalWeb™ lets you browse the Web by speaking URLs and links, and dictate into online forms and fields.

Top Features

High Accuracy - Dragon NaturallySpeaking products "achieved 98 to 99 percent accuracy" according to PC Magazine!1 And new BestMatch III and BestMatch Plus technologies make Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional even better!

Fast Setup - New wizards help you set up fast. The system can learn your voice in less than five minutes.

Time-Saving Macros - Create intuitive speech commands that automate complex tasks, such as inserting boilerplate text, filling out forms, and launching applications. The Command Wizard™ feature and a powerful scripting language make it easy for you, a technical staff person or a Dragon Systems Premier Partner to speech-enable existing macros or create new macros.2


You say: "Insert company overview"
Resulting action: Your standard company description is automatically inserted in your document in the type size and style that you want.

You select text and say: "Change color to red"
Resulting action: The color of the selected text changes to red.

Powerful Vocabulary Resources - A vocabulary of 250,000 terms and more than 160,000 active words assures that: What you say is what you get.SM It's easy to add new terms and even create custom vocabularies for different subjects or interests.

Broad Compatibility - Dictate into virtually any Windows application.

Select-and-Say™ Editing - Easily format and edit text by voice in Microsoft™ Word 97/2000, Corel™ WordPerfect™ 8/9, GoldMine® 4.0, Microsoft Outlook™, Microsoft WordPad, and Microsoft Chat 2.1 and 2.5.

Dragon NaturalWord® - Access menus and functions of Microsoft Word 97/2000 and Corel WordPerfect 8/9 by voice. Dragon NaturallySpeaking functions are conveniently displayed on the menu bar.

Natural Language Commands - In Microsoft Word 97/2000, navigate, edit and format by saying intuitive commands. There's no need to memorize a long list of special phrases.

Internet-Friendly - Browse the Web and activate hotlinks by voice, and dictate into online forms and fields in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0.

Control Your Desktop - Open applications from the Start menu and switch from one application to another by speaking commands like "Start Internet Explorer."

Dictation Playback and Text-to-Speech - Play back what you said in your own voice. Have your computer read e-mail and other documents aloud.

Multiple User Support - Different users can share the same program on one computer.

Dictate on the Move - Record notes, letters, and other text almost anywhere for automatic transcription by your computer, using the Dragon NaturallyMobile Recorder Option Kit or an approved handheld recorder.3

System Requirements

  • Minimum: IBM® compatible PC with 300-MHz Intel Pentium processor with MMX, or equivalent
  • Windows® 98, Windows 95, or Windows NT® 4.0 (with SP-3 or greater), Me, Wim2000, XP

Memory Requirements

  • Minimum: 128 MB RAM for Windows 95 and 98 and Windows NT 4.0

Hard Disk Requirements

  • 200 MB free hard-disk space; additional 20 to 50 MB is required for each additional user on the same computer
  • CD-ROM required for installation


Creative Labs® Sound Blaster® 16 or equivalent sound board supporting 16-bit recording


  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional software
  • Premium quality headset microphone
  • Documentation, including a user's guide, quick reference card, quick start booklet and installation card

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is optimized for a variety of popular processors, including the Intel® Pentium® III, Intel Pentium II, Intel Pentium with MMX, Intel Celeron, AMD-K6®-III with 3DNow!™, AMD-K6-2, and AMD Athlon™ processor. Training time may be reduced to less than five minutes on computers equipped with a 300-MHz or faster processor and 16 MB of RAM or more in addition to the minimum requirements noted above. Reduced training time is presented automatically when system requirements are met. For users ages 9 and up.


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