Synapse Head Tracking Device 

Picture of person using HeadMaster Plus

The Synapse Head Tracking device is a head pointing system which provides full mouse control of computers to persons who cannot use their hands but who have good headcontrol. Moving one's head moves the cursor on the screen. Activating the puff switch or other external switch makes selections. On-screen keyboards such as WiViK® allow for word processing and other text entry. The Synapse Head Tracking device can emulate the most popular mouse input systems:

Apple Desktop Bus for Macintosh® and Apple IIGS®
Microsoft® mouse for IBM® and compatibles with an RS232 serial port
PS/2® for IBM® and compatibles equipped with the PS/2® mouse port
Sun Microsystems/Unix

You can change the Synapse Head Tracking device from Apple to IBM compatibility just by flipping a switch. There is no additional hardware required. Full support for one, two, and three button mice is built in. You can operate the mouse button with the puff switch mounted on the headset or plug other switches into the back of the control box. If the user has acceptable speech then Dragon NaturallySpeaking  voice recognition makes a wonderful combination allowing efficient voice recognition keyboard entry and speech activated mouse button clicks.

Adding this device to the Synapse TAP Workstation can permit access to Sun, SGI, HPUNIX, mainframe, Mac or PC running any operating environment.

Synapse Head Tracker (Synapse Head Mouse) $ 1,695.00


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