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Know where you are, where you are going and the best way to get there with BrailleNote Global Positioning System software with easy-to-follow maps.
BrailleNote GPS software uses a cell-phone size GPS receiver to relay information from GPS satellites.  It calculates where you are and plots a route to a destination you choose.



Picture of Woman using BrailleNote GPS
Audio Tutorial:
Mp3 file (6MB)
Click here for a smaller  (Download time approximately 15 min on a 56k modem)

Our state-of-the-art software means you can use your BrailleNote or VoiceNote to: 

  • Easily calculate the distance and direction to a street address or intersection
  • find out the relative location of hundreds of Points of Interest
  • automatically create routes for either walking or riding in a vehicle
  • provide you with detailed information about your speed, the direction you are traveling in and your altitude. 

GPS V.3 (Includes U.S. maps, receiver, pouch, cable & 256 MB CF card)$1,099     
GPS V.3 (Includes U.S. maps, receiver, pouch, cable & 1 GB CF card) $1,399 
GPS V.3 Update GPS V.2 to V.3 with U.S. maps  $199                                 
GPS V.3 Update GPS V.1 to V.3 with U.S. maps & 256 MB CF card $699              
GPS V.3 Update GPS V.1 to V.3 with U.S. maps & 1 GB CF card $849                 
Earthmate GPS Receiver $249                                                             
GPS V.3 is supported by KeySoft 4 and the above software
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