The Paragon Braille Printer is a rugged embosser that prints on a full range of tractor-feed paper from 20 to 100 pounds in weight, and up to 15 inches in width. The Paragon's operating speed of 40 characters per second enables it to print more than 120 pages per hour. Vinyl and aluminum sheets can also be embossed to make long-lasting, highly attractive signs with braille markings.

The Paragon is recommended where braille production is about 100,000 pages per year or about 2,000 braille pages per week. It can be automatically switched to a special mode that will place graphic charts or tactile pictures within a page of ordinary text or on a separate sheet.


High-resolution graphics let you combine text and graphics on a single page without stopping.

Multi-copy buffer stores a 30-page file and makes copies independently, freeing your computer for other work.

Multi-strike feature places well defined braille on heavy plastics and some light metals, suitable for making braille signs or adding braille to standard print signs.

Optional single-sheet operation allows braille embossing on a wide variety of loose sheets of paper, plastic or metal foils.

Raised print characters can be embossed for reading tactually or visually. (Optional software required)

Multi-Configuration accommodates up to 16 full groups of settings--one for each separate application.

Dual controls for entering commands either on Paragon's front panel keypad, or on the keyboard of your computer. Commands sent from the computer can be stored on disk and accessed at any time with two or three keystrokes.

Full compatibility with braille translators for PC, Apple & Macintosh.

Unrestricted capacity to produce high quality Grade 2 braille that meets Federal guidelines. The Paragon Braille Printer is capable of embossing an entire box of braille paper without stopping for a paper change (at least 1500 sheets).

Rear panel impact controls allow the use of different paper stock, ranging from 20-pound computer paper to 100-pound tag.

Vertical printing feature allows text embossing in either the vertical or horizontal axis.

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Speed: 40 cps
  • Line Width:
    • Alpha- 40 characters, maximum
    • Graphic - 60 chars. max.
  • Paper Feed: Tractor Drive
  • Loose Sheet Drive, Optional
  • Paper Width: Adjustable, 1.5 to15 inches
  • Page Length: Selectable, 3 to 14 inches
  • Paper Weight: 20 to 100 pound tag
  • Physical Description

  • Width: 11.5 inches, 29 cm.
  • Depth: 24.63 inches, 63 cm.
  • Height: 9.38 inches, 24 cm.
  • Weight: 52 pounds, 23.7 Kg.
  • Case Style: Desktop
  • Sound Level: 67 dba* (may vary with ambient conditions)
  • Interface

  • Port 1: Centronics Compatible Parallel
  • Port 2: Asynchronous ASCII, SERIAL,
  • EIA-232D, DTE
  • Environmental

  • Temperature: Operating: 35 F to 120 F
  • Storage: Minus 55 F to 175 F
  • Humidity: Operating or Storage 10% to 95% non-condensing
  • Shock: 3 foot drop (5G)
  • Electrical

  • Line Voltage: User switchable 105 - 130 VAC or 210 - 260 VAC
  • Amperage: 1.0 Amperes (105 - 130 VAC); 0.5 Amperes (210 - 260 VAC)
  • Wattage: 200 (approximate)
  • Accessories

  • Standard: 3 Wire USA Line Cord
  • IBM Compatible Parallel
  • Interface Cable
  • Optional: Special Line Cords
  • Special Interface Cables
  • Loose Sheet Drive System
  • PRICE: $3,299

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