Sorry this product has been discontinued.

There are no plans for any new version or a replacement.

SpeechViewer III is a powerful speech and language tool that transforms spoken words and sounds into imaginative graphics. SpeechViewer III increases the effectiveness of speech therapy and speech modification for people who have speech, language or hearing impairments.

You can select from over a dozen SpeechViewer exercises. Each exercise responds to your voice input with immediate, clear and meaningful feedback that helps you “see how to speak.” SpeechViewer III provides animated rewards that reinforce successful responses. And, the program's sophisticated clinical management functions automatically collect pertinent data that allow therapists to easily document progress and see and hear results.

Who Should Use SpeechViewer III?
SpeechViewer III is designed to help people of all ages who have a variety of disabilities, such as speech or language impairments, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, traumatic brain injury, and speech disorders resulting from a stroke. It is ideal for professional speech language pathologists, special education teachers, teachers of the deaf, English as a second language instructors, professionals working with accent reduction and others.

What People Are Saying About SpeechViewer III
"SpeechViewer III is a tool that increases the skills of my clients in ways that no other product or technique has done," comments Barbara Allen, speech pathologist and director, Communication Innovations. "Working in the schools, I find that students are enthralled, and teachers and parents are impressed with how I can use the program to provide successful experiences for so many."

"SpeechViewer III is a powerful learning tool that helps me to provide clients with motivating, interesting activities, while giving me the ability to save and analyze my clients' voice samples, and to create reports that contain measurable data," says Linda Anderson, speech pathologist and director, LAB Resources. "Individuals of all ages enjoy working with this system and children respond to it with enthusiasm, improved attention and a willingness to keep on trying."


SpeechViewer III is Easy

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to learn
  • Fun tutorial by a speech/language pathologist
  • Extensive online help
  • Menu grouping of exercises
    • Easy to use
    • Point-and-click access
    • Drop-down menus

SpeechViewer III is Powerful

  • Powerful attention-grabbing exercises
  • Captivating, creative animations
  • Graphics for all age ranges
  • Visual feedback of speech production (Acoustics) including, loudness, pitch, timing patterns, voicing, sustained phoneme production, waveforms, spectra, and spectrograms
  • Powerful note taking and reporting
    • Create notes like you would on a sticky pad
    • Add audio clips
    • Add statistics
    • Pick and choose notes to print or file
  • Powerful phonological tools
    • Fine tune models
    • Save best productions
    • Create models from saved speech samples

What You'll Need To Run SpeechViewer III
SpeechViewer III works with most IBM and IBM-compatible computers available today, which are equipped as follows:

  • Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Millenium Edition, 2000, or XP
  • An IBM-supported industry sound card, such as SoundBlaster 16
  • CD-ROM drive 2x or faster
  • SVGA support, 640 x 480, 256 colors
  • Processor speed requirements vary according to the following chart:
    Windows 95: Intel 486 50mhz
    Windows 98: Intel 486 66 mhz
    Windows Millenium Edition: Pentium 150 mhz
    Windows 2000: Pentium 133 mhz
    Windows XP: Pentium 233 mhz
  • Memory requirements vary according to the following chart:
    Windows 95: 16 Mb
    Windows 98: 24 Mb
    Windows Millenium Edition, Windows 2000: 32 Mb
    Windows XP: 64 Mb
  • Available hard disk space requirements vary according to the following chart:
    Windows 95: Mb minimum 33 Mb recommended
    Windows 98, Millenium Edition, 2000, and XP: 11 Mb minimum 45 Mb recommended
    SpeechViewer III for Windows


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