ADA Compliance

Synapse adaptive technology solutions can help your firm or agency settle ADA compliance issues.  Synapse staff can assist you in developing a solution for the most complex accessibility problems. We craft workstations that provide access to accommodate all computer platforms, all disabilities including individual presenting multiple disabilities.


Synapse staff are experts in the assessment process in determining the most appropriate solution to mitigate the limitations imposed on a disabled individual. We can provide both the assessment and then develop the technology to return the injured or disabled individual to productivity. We have developed solutions for individuals with upper extremity limitations brought on by a repetitive strain injury RSI, low vision, blindness, learning difference or cognitive limitation.

Site Installation and Training

Synapse ADA Workstations are generally installed at the site of the disabled individuals home or place of work.  The system is fully configured and complete training is provided on site to return the individual to a productive state. In many cases productivity gains exceed pre-injury benchmarks. Contact Synapse for information on an evaluation to solve your ADA compliance issues.


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