Synapse HeadTracker 2000

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Synapse HeadTracker 2000 with eyeglass mount
System Requirements
Works with any PC running DOS, Window 3.x, Windows 95, or
Windows 98.

Sensor: 1 in. dia.

Control Unit: 14 oz.
Sensor: 3 oz.

Standard Components
Control Unit       
Eyeglass  Mount

Sip-Puff Tube
Synapse HeadTracker 2000
Synapse HeadTracker 2000 is the smallest, lightest, most accurate mouse emulator we have ever offered. Move your head and the cursor moves on the screen.  Use the sip-puff switch or an external switch to make right antd left mouse button clicks.

New infrared technology provides silky-smooth cursor movement and pixel to pixel accuracy, making it ideal for almost any computer application.  On-screen keyboards such as WiViK® allow for word processing and other text entry. The Synapse HeadTracking 2000 can emulate the most popular mouse input systems:

Apple Desktop Bus for Macintosh® and Apple IIGS®
Microsoft® mouse for IBM® and compatibles with an RS232 serial port
PS/2® for IBM® and compatibles equipped with the PS/2® mouse port
Sun Microsystems/Unix

You can change the Synapse HeadTracking 2000 from Apple to IBM compatibility just by flipping a switch. There is no additional hardware required. Full support for one, two, and three button mice is built in. You can operate the mouse button with the puff switch mounted on the headset or plug other switches into the back of the control box.

Adding the Synapse HeadTracking 2000 to the Synapse TAP Workstation can permit access to Sun, SGI, HPUNIX, mainframe, Mac or PC running any operating environment.

Synapse HeadTracker 2000 is a remote system. There are no wires connecting you to the computer so you can come and go as you please. The pager-sized control box clips on anywhere and the lightweight sensor can be mounted in a variety of ways, including on a headset or a pair of glasses. Only a single wire and a small tube (if the sip-puff switch is used) connect the two elements. A small infrared transmitter sits on (or near) the computer and plugs into any standard COM port.

HeadMaster2000 is battery operated and will let you work for 8-10 hours before recharging. An adjustable battery saving feature puts the unit to sleep when not in use. To wake it up, just tilt your head.




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