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ADA Accommodations

Synapse has developed a completely integrated menu-driven full compliance workstation which answers ADA requirements for reasonable accommodations. Our ADA workstations solve hardware compatibility issues. Synapse ADA workstations meet the needs of individual employees with one or more disabilities, and of multiple employees with varying disabilities who use the same workstation. Our workstations can be configured to address the unique needs of your library, special-needs laboratory or vocational setting.

Special Needs Laboratory

This the ideal workstation to start or augment your special-needs laboratory. Custom configurations can be designed to serve all populations requiring access or mitigation.

School or Library

The Synapse ADA workstation is an academic equalizer for the school or library setting, a superior tool for the mitigation of learning differences, blindness, low vision, mobility impairments and access to library online catalog system.


Our trained staff offers custom-tailored classes for teachers, librarians, rehabilitation professionals, and support staff. These sessions address issues of the special-needs population, with the goal of increasing proficiency in the use of assistive technology and assessment practices.

Learning Differences

The Synapse ADA workstation is a powerful instrument when used for the mitigation of learning differences. Individuals with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalcula receive compensatory benefits of "saying-the-word" and "seeing-the-word" (voice recognition) or "seeing-the-word" and "hearing-the-word" (screen or text-to-speech).

Assessment Tool

The Synapse ADA workstation is the diagnostic assessment choice of rehabilitation centers, independent living centers, corporations and vocational rehabilitation agencies. The ADA workstation can assist in determining appropriate adaptive and assistive technology in the academic, rehabilitation or clinical setting.


Voice Recognition

Delivers a large vocabulary (60,000 active words) voice recognition technology offering voice command and control of applications and dictation. .


Converts Windows computer screens into easy to understand speech.


Scans and translates printed materials into easy to understand speech with a single push of a button.

Synapse ADA Workstations at the San Francisco Main Library


Reads BookManager's and RFB (Recordings for the Blind) electronic text documents, periodicals and books.

Screen Magnification

Magnifies Windows applications for low vision users up to 16 times.

Print Magnification

Scan and magnifies printed materials through a high-resolution scanner. Images can be printed out at increased magnifications. Also Available


Braille keyboard tops, Braille translation software, refreshable Braille displays and Braille embossers.

Workstation Furniture

Wheelchair accessible motorized and adjustable work surfaces.


Ergonomic keyboards, mouse pads, adjustable monitor and keyboard arms. Ergonomic chairs and workstation furniture.


Hardware interface to networks and access to mainframe computers. Voice recognition solutions for workstation platforms such as Silicon Graphics and Sun. PC/Decade based voice recognition solutions for newspapers supporting Coyote terminals.



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