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New Features Single Sheet

NEW Read & Write (V9) GOLD is a fully comprehensive application toolbar. It provides outstanding literacy support synonymous within textHELP! products in almost any windows application. 

It is a simple to use toolbar that “floats” on top of any open application.  Assistance can then easily be called upon as you work.

Read&Write GOLD V9 Toolbar


FEATURES include:

Speech - Read & Write (V9) GOLD color highlights and reads the words, sentences or paragraphs in your document providing audio-visual reinforcement and helping to develop recognition of new words and vocabulary. Speech is also an integral part of the other support features, for example, you can have the Word Prediction suggestions read to you. The RealSpeak® voice is now provided as standard and provides the most human-sounding voice available today. 

Spelling - Read & Write (V9) GOLD incorporates a fast advanced spellchecker specifically designed to solve the most complex of phonetic errors. The spellchecker can be customized to suit individual needs and provides audible definitions of alternative suggestions to help you choose the correct one. 

Homophone Support - Read & Write (V9) GOLD will identify and provide audible definitions for like sounding words to improve the accuracy of your work.

Scanning - Scan any text document into Word or any other major word processor enabling on screen editing and text reading. Scanned material will be incorporated into a familiar mainstream environment, allowing the document to be made easily available to other Users. This is key to inclusive education and integration. There is also the option to scan any text document into Internet Explorer for "near perfect" image generation or a text only image to which a User defined style sheet can be applied.

Word Prediction - This will aid in sentence construction by suggesting and predicting words. Word predictor will learn as correct text is typed, dramatically aiding the development of literacy and increasing accuracy. With context and phonetic based word prediction.

Dictionary - 180,000-word talking dictionary and dictionary will benefit you by helping to increase your literacy and creative writing skills.

Speech Maker - converts selected text into speech, which can be saved as an audio file (.wav, MP3, .wma) capable of being played on any suitable device. 

Fact Folder – This desk research tool allows you to capture text from any application, classify it, attach pictures and bibliography information and record its source. This information can be converted to a slide show and document to help studying and revision.

Fact Finder – this web search tool searches the web to find relevant information associated with your research topic. Search engines in 6 different categories are provided for you to choose from.

Speech Input (only available with USA version) – speak into your computer and have what you say converted to text on the screen. Help is provided to assist you to train the software to recognize your voice.

Simple and Scientific Calculator – On screen calculator provides all the main functions of a simple or scientific calculator with audible feedback and audit trail.

Word Wizard - Word wizard assists in developing creative sentences by offering solutions for vocabulary. When you are searching for the word you want to use Word Wizard takes you though a simple step by step process till you find the word you are looking for.

Pronunciation Tutor - The Pronunciation Tutor will break words into syllables allowing easy recognition and pronunciation. Includes a moving mouth, to aid the development of more accurate speech. 

Teachers Toolkit – enables educators to specify which Read & Write (V9) GOLD features a particular student has access to and see student spelling logs and activity logs.



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