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Read & Write (V9) GOLD will break words into syllables facilitating easy recognition and pronunciation. Incorporated with this feature are on-screen synchronized lip movements.

The Pronunciation Tutor will help you to develop more accurate speech based on the International Phonetic Alphabet.

How to use the Pronunciation Tutor

To use the pronunciation feature select the word that you want to hear pronounced and click on the Pronunciation button. This will open the pronunciation tutor window. To hear the word read aloud syllable by syllable and see the synchronized lip movements click on the Speak button.

Pronunciation Tutor Window 

It is possible to configure how the pronunciation tutor shows the pronunciation of a selected word by selecting the appropriate check box. There is the choice of:

  • display syllables of a selected word.
  • represent a selected word using the phonetic alphabet.
  • display phoneme equivalents of a selected word. 

You can also configure the color and voice settings of the pronunciation tutor. To select the voice choose it from the voice options drop down list. To change the foreground and background colors select the appropriate menu option and color.
Pronunciation Tutor splits words into syllables using standard rules. There are exceptions to these rules. The Syllable Exceptions Tab allows you to create a list of exceptions and edit words already in the list.

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