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WYNN 5.x: Software for people with reading challenges

Benefits and Features

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  • Bi-modal approach to reading — text is highlighted in context as it is spoken aloud
  • Full editing capabilities — the ability to modify electronic files, scanned pages, or newly created documents
  • Clear, natural sounding speech
  • Scanned-in pages retain original layout
  • Customized visual presentation
  • Built-in dictionary and thesaurus
  • Traditional study tools - highlighting, bookmarking, text and voice notes, and more
  • Teacher Lockout — temporarily restricts student access to the dictionary, thesaurus, and spell-checker during tests
  • Ability to read the internet
  • Email
  • Word prediction
  • Outlines
  • Plus many more


For Users

  • Easy-to-use rotating toolbars provide all reading functions
  • Bi-modal approach increases reading comprehension
  • Intuitive buttons and icons provide short learning curve
  • Modify speech to aid with individuals’ auditory processing style
  • Customize visual presentation to create a “friendlier” reading environment
  • Traditional study aids to enhance effective reading and learning
  • Success increases motivation

For Educators

  • Support for teaching and methodology
  • Support for IEP Requirements and ADA compliance
  • Permits oral reading of tests for required studies
  • Ability to tailor school work to students’ individual strengths
  • Ability to customize grade-level curriculum

New Features

1. WebFocus™ Feature: The WebFocus™ feature masks distracting visual clutter, both text and graphics, and aids the reader to focus on important information.

2. Email: Incorporates an address list and numerous standard email features while maintaining WYNN's bimodal approach and visual customization.

3. Outlines: In this mode, text is automatically entered into an outline format.

4. Word Prediction: This feature helps students with writing difficulties by suggesting words during writing exercises.

5. Standard and Basic Dictionaries: We have added a Basic dictionary to WYNN that offers more simplified definitions.

6. Recursive Dictionary: Users can look up a word within the definition or the synonym list.

7. Broadcast Settings: The Broadcast Documents feature allows a teacher to send a document to numerous students. Broadcast Settings allows the teacher to select specific settings for multiple students.

8. New OCR Engines: The user may now choose which scanning engine is most appropriate for each specific document.

9. Styles (bold, italic, underline): Users can now add the attributes Bold, Italic, and Underline to any text in the Text View of documents.

10. Pronunciation Dictionary: Use the Pronunciation Dictionary to correct the pronunciation of words in WYNN.

11. OCR Correction: This feature allows users to correct any errors that may occur during scanning.

Network WYNN: WYNN Wizard and WYNN Reader are now available in a network version. Pricing is the same as the standalone product. Ask us about system requirements.

There are also many exciting feature enhancements in WYNN 5.1.


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