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Mainframe speech recognition uses the Synapse TAP Device which allows speech access to any workstation. Using Mainframe speech recognition the TAP Device is responsible for converting keystroke and mouse events originating in the Mainframe speech recognition platform, and converting them into understandable events before presenting them to the host computer. Because of the TAP Device and Mainframe speech recognition the host computer thinks it is receiving only keystrokes and mouse events from the speech accessing computer, so no issues of compatibility can develop. The installation of the Synapse TAP Workstation does not require that any software be installed on the host computer. The compute intensive task of speech recognition occurs entirely on the speech accessing side of the system and therefore no loss of performance on the host computer can occur. One large vocabulary (60,000 words) speech accessing computer may communicate with many platforms. Additional TAP devices are required for each host computer. With the addition of a Synapse TAP Switch it is possible to control a Sun Workstation, a Silicon Graphics Workstation, a HP Mainframe Workstation, a Macintosh and a PC running any operating system from one accessing machine at the same time. Portability is another principal benefit of a Synapse TAP Workstation. No software is required on the host machine. Simply plug a Synapse TAP Workstation into any host computer the workstation supports. Synapse is developing new solutions for the TAP that are even more portable and wireless. In the future a wireless handheld Synapse TAP Workstation will allow users to communicate to any computer regardless of platform or operating system. Features: Cross-platform access to Networks, Mac, SGI, SUN, HP Mainframe, PCs running any operating system and mainframes. Access to DOS/Windows/Win95/NT applications Internet/Intranet/network connectivity.

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